7 Steps to Plan Your Own Virtual Mission Experience!

  1. Consider your motivations — Spend time in prayer to ensure this is God’s leading and not your own.
  2. Determine goals of partnership — Consider ministry goals, developing ministry advocates, cultural exchanges, and missionary care as just a few of the partnership goals you might have.
  3. Design trip in alignment with partnership — Make sure your plans match your purpose!
  4. Discover details — About who can participate, how much it will cost, your technology needs, and how to cyber-secure your virtual interactions. Just because you aren’t traveling doesn’t mean you don’t need to screen, require investment and commitment, and secure details!
  5. Establish who leads the initiative — Virtual mission trips might require different duties and skills—make sure you plan for this!
  6. Evaluate type of training — To ensure participants interact safely and culturally appropriate online. People still need to be prepared even if they aren’t traveling!
  7. Follow-Through with participants — Determine some possible next steps for those who participate and invite them to continue participating.

Download this handy infographic!